The Artist's Colony

On the south side of Kingsport Bay between the Coast Guard station and O’Bannon Boathouse is a tangled neighborhood of small houses and businesses. It has become a Bohemian neighborhood of drug use, bootleg gin, dancing, poetry, music, painting and writing, the unconventional and rebellious (and unemployed) have shouldered their way into a formerly traditional neighborhood. Even the wealthy and powerful want to be seen with the latest thing, and the Artist’s Colony is where that is.


The Concrete Four control the Artist’s Colony – except for a small sliver, where the Last Estate manage to hang on. Their control is tenuous, based solely on the Prince’s word, since all the actual mechanisms for controlling and influencing the colony were under the command of the Invictus Cherubim for so long.


The O’Bannon Boathouse (controlled by the Last Estate)
The Braeburn Boarding House (controlled by the Concrete Four)
The Abandoned Lighthouse
Oriental Millinery (controlled by the Last Estate)
The Harbormen Democratic Society (controlled by the Concrete Four)

Other Locations

Chapel Blanc Gallery
The Athaneum Theater
The Deepwater Club
The Hotsy-Totsy Burlesque
The Kingsport Harbor News
The Bernhardt Dance Studio
The Stormcloud Theater
The Gallery Von Steinmetz
The Newman-King Fashion Co.
The Mediterranean Cafe
The Boyle Hotel
The Central Bay Yacht Club
The Kingsport Fresh Fruit Market
The Coast Guard Station
Kingsport Police Precinct #12


Physical: Access 0, Safety +1: Although the streets are difficult to navigate, the simple private docks of the various fishing boats and small ferries make access to the area easy. As a well-known party location, crime tends to do its dirty deeds elsewhere.

Mental: Information +2, Awareness +2: Everyone comes to the colony in order to be up on the latest thing, the cat’s pajamas, the bees knees, from the latest jazz to the sweetest bootleg hooch, and rumors fly fast and furious.

Social: Prestige +1, Stability -2: Everybody talks about the neighborhood, but the temporary, transient nature of artists’ money makes it difficult for many to put down roots.

The Artist's Colony

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