The Arcanum

An ancient secret order, the Aegis Kai Doru, found itself marginalized and out of touch in an increasingly industrialized world. In the mid-19th century, it joined with spiritualists and occult researchers to create the Arcanum, a society dedicated to seeking out occult knowledge.

In 1963, the Arcanum has Chapterhouses in every major city, including Kingsport, Massachusetts.

The Syllabus of the Arcanum

  1. The Arcanum seeks knowledge for its own sake.
  2. A supernatural world exists that conjoins with our own and we must learn its secrets.
  3. Only through scholarship and learning can one separate fact from fiction and superstition from supernatural truth.
  4. The Arcanum exists to learn, not to manipulate or judge.
  5. What the Arcanum learns is not to be shared with the rest of humanity – yet.


  • Associate: A person who works with or for the Arcanum who is not fully inducted into its secrets.
  • Neophyte: A person who has been fully inducted into the Arcanum and are journeying towards enlightenment. They are considered partners, not employees like associates. However, they all have a mentor and are their input is not considered in decisions that go beyond their own projects.
  • Journeyman: An experienced Arcanist who has completed their Neophyte term and contributed significantly enough to the Arcanum to be promoted by the Elders. Formally addressed as “Brother” or “Sister”.
  • Elder Brother or Sister: The most experienced Arcanists, considered “Deans” of the Arcanum. Most mentors of Neophytes are Elder Brothers or Sisters. There are typically 2-3 per Chapterhouse.
  • The Foundation House: The original Arcanum headquarters, in England, “near London”.
  • Chapterhouse: A significant Arcanum building. There is one in almost every major city.
  • Colony: An Arcanum team operating in an area without a Chapterhouse.
  • Lodge: An Arcanum team, normally composed of Neophytes and Journeymen, or the non-Chapterhouse safehouse they use (if any.)
  • College, Programme, School, Division or Order: A faction of the Arcanum that specializes in a particular field or task, but whose members are spread across many locations and lodges. Examples include Null Mysteriis, who seeks scientific explanations for supernatural events, or Aegis Kai Doru, who primarily focus on supernatural relics and artifacts.

The Arcanum

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