1921 – Cavalcanti

It eclipses Kingsport primarily because of accidents of history, some say. Nah, it’s because Kingsport has worse storms and a harder approach for ships into its Bay. Pepperell and Rowland and Sanborn and the other smaller towns don’t have much worse harbor access than Kingsport, but Kingsport tries to do Boston levels of business and it just doesn’t work out. It’s always seemed cursed, like a bad dream. Boston is just a city, you know? Us, and the Doyle gang, and a lot of hangers on trying to gouge us.

The Prince is Faustino, an Invictus, like it should be, and his Herald is Cavalcanti, an Invictus, like it should be, and the city even has a Groom, like all the cities in Europe used to, before they became mountains of bone and ash. That’s Nicholas, yeah, Sarah’s sire.

The Doyles run most of Boston, though the Italians have started feuding with them since they killed Big Jim Colosimo in Chicago and got seriously into the bootlegging business.


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