Kingsport Neighborhoods

Kingsport Neighborhoods

Harborside – Jammed between Kingsport Head and the Bay.

  • St. Erasmus’ Rest Home For Mariners
  • Harbor Place Hotel
  • Sang Tze’s Chinese Laundry
  • 37th Street Depot – a railroad depot eventually abandoned and made into a Hollow

The Hollow – A swampy neighborhood undermined by muddy clay earth.

The South Shore/Artist’s Colony

  • The O’Bannon Boathouse
  • White Pier Cafe
  • The Shoremist Inn
  • The Majestic Theater (film)
  • The Bijou Theater (stage)

Central Hill – The oldest part of Kingsport.

  • McCarty’s Newsstand
  • Hole-In-One 24-Hour Donuts
  • Water Tower & Pump House
  • Old Congregational Church
  • Congregational Hospital
  • Congregational Cemetery
  • Old Town Square

Downtown – Developed in the 1930s.

  • Western Union
  • First Marine Bank of Kingsport
  • Mercer Art Gallery
  • Talbot Hall (city hall)
  • The Old Powderhouse
  • The Hullabaloo Club

Hilltown – Expensive neighborhood in the 1920s, deteriorated quickly.

  • Teagarden Apartments
  • Julia’s Beauty Parlor
  • The Hall School
  • Kingsport College
  • New Town Common

East Pepperell

Pepperell used to be a separate town south of Kingsport. It was overdeveloped in WW2.

  • Pepperell Shipyards
  • Pepperell Naval Station
  • Spencer’s Glue Works

West Pepperell

  • Farnsworth Paints
  • Edison Electric

Tolland – Formerly empty county land, developed during WW2
Martin’s Beach – Negro neighborhood for many years. Gentrified in the 1980s when a stadium was built there. The Hotel Madison still the greatest edifice.
Kingsport Head – Massive geographic feature.
The Causeway – State land not developed for decades.
Oakham/New Oakton – A small town absorbed into a growing city

Somerbury – The former outskirts, now Italian neighborhood

  • Mama E’s
  • Kingsport Chronicle
  • The Open Door

Washington – Traditional Portugese neighborhood

  • Arruda’s Original Portugese
  • Sadler’s Sound Lounge

Kingsport Neighborhoods

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