Penelope North

Arcanum ritual magician and Neophyte


With a long pedigree with the Arcanum (third generation), Penelope North became a Neophyte in 1963. She had

Penney lost her mother when she was nearly 2 years old and was taken to Kingsport to be raised by her grandparents. She stayed Kingsport till she was 9, she returned to living with her father on base. She traveled with him from assignment to assignment till she was 19, when she signed on to apprentice as a navigator aboard the Helena’s Grace.

The Helena’s Grace is a merchant vessel that sails regularly from the Europe to the Americas and sometime to the Caribbean.

  • Captain of the Helena’s Grace: Ajax Stratos, long time friend of Nathaniel’s.
  • First mate on the Helena’s Grace: Nicholas Thorsen, Penny’s on and off boyfriend for the last 3 years.



Born: January 21, 1940

Occupation: Cartographer, navigator, ceremonial mage, smuggler.

Father: Nathaniel North – Quartermaster in the U.S. Navy, joined directly out of high school.
Mother: Leilani North – Met her husband while he was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Died in the pearl harbor attack 1941.

Paternal Grandfather: Joseph North, Retired Naval officer, Ceremonial Mage, Died of Heart failure (1961)
Paternal Grandmother: Constance North, died of Cancer (1949)

Penelope North

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