The One That Handles The Politics


Masquerade: Organizer

You want something in this world? We all want something in this world. But nobody is going to get it working alone. You have to organize, friend. We have to organize. Draw up lists, go door to door if we have to. Find out who’s on our side, who can we count on. Be careful. We have to cut out the rats and the infiltrators. You know what we have to do. I’m the only one you can really trust. Now come on, let’s get to it. We can do this. We can get what we want, together.

Requiem: Dictator

Oh, on the surface I might smile and do what I’m told, but underneath I’m seething. This whole world seems set up to make me bend the knee. What fools. When my boot is on their neck they’ll remember what they did to me. I get people moving because I need them moved, but in the end everyone will let me down. Certainly everyone in power over me will regret what they did to me one day when I’m on top. I have a long memory and don’t ever forget what someone made me do.


I don’t just mean Democrats and Republicans.

And Socialists.

And, uh, whatever Know-Nothings are left, I guess, yes sir.

And unions and scabs and bosses.

(Though all that too.)

Parks has to keep tabs on everything that moves through the shadows on top of the politicos and swells.

Temperance is the Prince, and the Lance rules it all, but there’s rivals.

And those that just give lip service to her.

And all the machinations up and down the line.

The Invictus may be on the bottom rung for once.

But we still have to see the whole ladder.

The one that handles the politics is a Ventrue everyone likes.

Even their Sire liked them, before some mortal hunters got them during the war.

The damndest thing….well, no sense lingering on it.


1840 – Parks is born in Kingsport, Massachusetts. His family are well-off community leaders, though they don’t necessarily hold civic office.

1862 – Parks works to organize the 17th Massachusetts Infantry for a shady recruiter. Although he runs into problems, he is able to fulfill his quota, impressing Invictus Ventrue Anthorpe, who obtains permission to Embrace him.


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