The One That Handles The Customers


Masquerade: The Eraser

What did you see? You didn’t see anything. What did you hear? You didn’t hear anything. You cause a problem? I will make it so there’s no problem. So there was never a problem. When there’s no problem things go smooth. No busted glass on the floor, no bloodstains on my blouse. No problems. You might have heard that I handle when things go wrong here. But when you walk away you will never, ever tell anyone what happened. Not a priest – not even God.

Requiem: In Denial

I can’t face what I am, but within my own mind I can avoid thinking about it (except when I dream). It’s witnesses that really upset me. I prefer to go about my awful business without their judgmental eyes. And everyone’s a potential witness – gouge out their eyes and they might hear something. Plug up their ears and someone will give them a braille ticker tape to feel, listing everything I did. It’s not just things I do. Seeing or experiencing any evil brings them closer to the ultimate evil – the one in my heart. I have to stop them from seeing, or hearing, or…the worst… talking.


1. Find out what happened to Content Not Found: giovanetta.
2. Get Cartwright on our side.
3. Erase all remnants of parentage and mortal life.
4. Manifest the Toreador bloodline.
5. Write a goddamn masterpiece.


The Ex
The Regular
The Librarian
The Artistic Rival
The Working Girl
The Bartender



Born: 1820, Raleigh, North Carolina. Although she is able to pass for white in many circumstances, her (grand? great-grand?)parentage is known well enough that she is severely pursued and punished for doing this. She flees the area as soon as she is old enough to travel on her own.

1844 – Gilda is a poetess at the Transcendentalist-based Sanborne School in Sanborne, Massachusetts. She is Embraced by Invictus Toreador Content Not Found: giovanetta_, who made a special trip to the school to experience the artistic work of the school. (Giovanetta had also previously embraced _Content Not Found: the-one-that-handles-the-entertainment.)

1910 – Giovanetta disappears without a trace.


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