America's Lacerations

Press 47 - June 9-10, 1963

FBI Agent Eldon Robletti contacted Anna looking for information on Tansy. Believes fake FBI agent was part of a confidence game. But also may be connected to organized crime figure who was spotted at Tansy’s house. Anna filled him in on the Man in the Fez.

A request for an aerial photographer was put in to check out Central Corners’ strange changing map.

The team examined Arcanum records in 1944: Lots of selkie reports (are they really drowned sailors?) And someone in the waiting room at Congregational Hospital experienced missing time. Investigation showed that the time was absolutely missing – no records of any tests or activities conducted during that time. Happened after midnight.

Dr. Niedermeyer identified the angry doctor in Anna’s drawing as Dr. Sanbabrio and the frightened one as Dr. Choate.

He also advised Desi on how to handle Wallace the stalker – have someone else distract or confront him, turn the tables and follow…learn more about him before you make any moves.

Wyatt told Penny he believes urban ley lines are possible and may be the reason why Central Corners is changing. If you look for signs of ritual magic you may be able to confirm this (sacrifices, symbols, etc.) The existence of the strange rails means there may be a technological basis, but the feeling in the diner and other buildings means there may be a spirit explanation.

Library research shows Central Corners population peaked in the 1940s and is now 4,100, down from 15,000.

The team took photos and notes for mapping purposes, got a full block and a half documented. A police officer approached them and when the lights started going out, he vomited a strange substance on them. The rails emanate a dry, electric heat. Penny was able to fight through the drugs but was able to recognize some of the effects, like not being affected by the earthquake, her belief that the buildings don’t move, and that she shouldn’t be outside between 12:30 and 1 AM. Policeman recovers, no memory of movement.

Ray was able to get the ghost manning press 47 to print off what it wanted to say. A family tree, multiple times, corny love poems, a handwritten note about Maria, that he wants her to know he misses her. The ghost also said everything they thought was wrong “It changes every night, it comes from under the earth”. The ghost’s name was Clarence Harding and he was a union man.

Anna did some automatic writing starting with faces behind bars, then drawing upwards two branches.

Dr. Niedermeyer took the blood and vomit samples and will analyze them. Vomit is not consistent with ulcerous blood. May be a hallucinogenic?


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