America's Lacerations

Mine Field - June 10-11, 1963

Tansy received instructions on where to call when she has the Chalice. The FBI also questioned her, mentioning “Amy Paige Hemstedt” in potential connection with her case.

The team visited Pilot Island and met with Marty Rondeau, a Navy officer assigned to the dismantling and sale of the USS Charles Greer. He knew a bit about the capture of U-228. His friend Justin Pope also recently saw a weird light in the sky while searching the sea for signs of the debris of the Thresher.

The team visited Dr. Choate. He was drunk at 11 AM and racist. But he revealed that German prisoners were treated at Congregational Hospital during World War II, and several of them seemed to have been experimented on, with some kind of machine parts implanted in their body. Yet there was no indication of how it was done – and one seemed to gain a significant new part in between X-rays.

The team returned to Central Corners to learn more about Maria and Clarence. He liked her, she didn’t care for him much. She moved back to Kingsport at some point.

They also went out to scout out the Army base, but after the car got a flat on a rail, they got out of the area quick. A flashlight in the trees was spotted.

Desi went bar hopping in an attempt to flush out Wallace. She did, and Florian Gersten was also spotted. Wallace was followed back to New Congregational Church.

The team returned to the army facility with some more preparation, but they were confronted by someone or something which was wearing an ill-fitting MP helmet and carrying a gun. When the ground under the small cemetery caved in, he forced everyone into the darkness.


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