America's Lacerations

Blythe's News - September 16, 1921

Every night, Blythe Hostewick gives Sarah the news. Here’s Friday, September 16, 1921.

Federal Prohibition authorities announced a major raid on a New York organization employing hundreds. These illicit “druggists” were manufacturing cheap gin and rum under the false pretenses of creating medicinal alcohol, then mis-labeling them as smuggled high grade liquor. This liquor has been seized at points as far west as Oklahoma. The ring sometimes would even move the liquor to boats off the coast so it could be “smuggled in” convincingly. The indictments also indicate that the going rate for a bribe for a Prohibition agent is $600.

A major blow to the prospect of continued peace in Ireland as Prime Minister Lloyd George cancelled the peace conference in inverness. A fresh outbreak of rioting in Belfast was only put down when English soldiers fired over the heads of the rioters.

President Harding’s proposal for peace with Germany, much more modest than President Wilson’s, still goes too far for Republicans that control the Senate. They are concerned about America being constantly drawn into European matters.

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, the silent picture comedy star accused of first degree murder, will not be released on bail. He was accused last week of raping and accidentally killing actress Virginia Rappe.

A key series begins tomorrow between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s likely to decide the National League pennant race.

Locally, construction on the George Washington Hotel has been stymied by the necessity of removing or renovating a massive vault beneath the former site of the previous building. City records are silent about the construction of the vault or who might know what is inside it. Proposals to dynamite it have been delayed as the blast might damage nearby buildings or already-constructed foundational supports.

The biggest class at Kingsport College began classes this year with nearly 1100. A record number of young women are in attendance as well, with almost 200 being women.

A new picture at the Stormcloud, Franklyn Farnum is “The Galloping Devil”, in a story of love and adventure.


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