America's Lacerations

Blythe's News - September 19, 1921

Here’s Monday, September 19, 1921:

After receiving confirmation that there would be no Russian delegate to the international disarmament conference, the United States has announced that it would cautiously attempt to protect Russian interests at the conference.

Locally, Treasury agents seized the stores of several speakeasies. Notably, they were smaller than the normal targets.

Blythe's News - September 18, 1921

Here’s Sunday, September 18, 1921:

Belfast continues to suffer from riots, but increased English military presence is pacifying the situation.

The American Federation of Labor, the primary white labor union for railroad workers, accused the railroad companies of forcing their hand in calling for a strike.

Minta Durfee, Fatty Arbuckle’s estranged wife, arrived in Los Angeles today and announced she would stand by her husband. Although they had not been together in some time, she said his character was such that he could never intentionally cause another’s death.

Locally, the primary elections take place on Tuesday.

Three motor bandits blew open the railroad station safe at the Maine-Atlantic station north of the city, and made off with $300 in cash and silver.

Blythe's News - September 17, 1921

Here’s Saturday, September 17, 1921:

A blown out cylinder head at the Knickerbocker Ice Factory resulted in a massive ammonia leak in New York yesterday. 200 were essentially gassed and remain hospitalizaed and 10,000 had to flee their homes. It is currently impossible for mortals to enter the Upper East Side except with gas masks!

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s charges have come in at manslaughter and rape, not first degree murder. A mob in Wyoming stormed a movie house and destroyed all copies of his films there. California authorities have announced a law enforcement committee to look into the motion picture business to see if other criminal escapades are being covered up.

Food prices are on the rise for the first time since the war, providing some relief to farmers.

Babe Ruth broke his own world’s record for home runs in a season when he hit his 54th of the year.

Although there are no national or state elections this year, local elections for City Council, Sheriff, Constable and County Supervisors are beginning to result in advertisements in the newspapers and leaflets in the street.

Locally, fifteen armed bandits raided the Central Corners Paper Company and made off with 48 barrels of whiskey valued at $48,000. The police aren’t sure why the whiskey was at the factory.

Unrelatedly, a high society sportsman, Jonathan Augusta, was shot to death on the highway. Nobody is sure what specifically happened – another driver said that a car without headlamps rushed passed and fired into the car.

Blythe's News - September 16, 1921

Every night, Blythe Hostewick gives Sarah the news. Here’s Friday, September 16, 1921.

Federal Prohibition authorities announced a major raid on a New York organization employing hundreds. These illicit “druggists” were manufacturing cheap gin and rum under the false pretenses of creating medicinal alcohol, then mis-labeling them as smuggled high grade liquor. This liquor has been seized at points as far west as Oklahoma. The ring sometimes would even move the liquor to boats off the coast so it could be “smuggled in” convincingly. The indictments also indicate that the going rate for a bribe for a Prohibition agent is $600.

A major blow to the prospect of continued peace in Ireland as Prime Minister Lloyd George cancelled the peace conference in inverness. A fresh outbreak of rioting in Belfast was only put down when English soldiers fired over the heads of the rioters.

President Harding’s proposal for peace with Germany, much more modest than President Wilson’s, still goes too far for Republicans that control the Senate. They are concerned about America being constantly drawn into European matters.

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, the silent picture comedy star accused of first degree murder, will not be released on bail. He was accused last week of raping and accidentally killing actress Virginia Rappe.

A key series begins tomorrow between the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s likely to decide the National League pennant race.

Locally, construction on the George Washington Hotel has been stymied by the necessity of removing or renovating a massive vault beneath the former site of the previous building. City records are silent about the construction of the vault or who might know what is inside it. Proposals to dynamite it have been delayed as the blast might damage nearby buildings or already-constructed foundational supports.

The biggest class at Kingsport College began classes this year with nearly 1100. A record number of young women are in attendance as well, with almost 200 being women.

A new picture at the Stormcloud, Franklyn Farnum is “The Galloping Devil”, in a story of love and adventure.

Summer 1921
What The Last Estate Did On Their Summer Vacation

In April 1921 they killed two out of town gangsters for the Shaughnessys, but one escaped. This caused a boost in their booze prices, until they could end the war between Milo Cutler and the Shaughnessy’s. When the war ended, Cutler started working for his bosses in the Concrete Four again, and developed criminal influence in Martin’s Beach.

In May, new hunters came to town – rebel ghouls. “We’d never permit this in England, Miss!” – Blythe Hostewick. They supported Margaret over Dr. Choate in their conflict over the upcoming blood bank.

In June, they formed an alliance with Pell’s Shadows. The Barbed Hook was weakened and angered by this. Gilda had to move Ming Lien to another identity. She has to work as a laundress in the Griswold.

On July 4, the Attorney General of the United States attended a sex party, Madeleine and Marion Fairbanks.

In August, a young, ambitious Invictus was sent as a punishment/distraction to Kingsport from St. Petersburg. He began to operate the properties outside town. He was killed by someone with pull who knew that Invictus were fair game. Myshelov Karl Fyodorovich is the dead guy.

Against The Wall - May 1973

So the Satellite Five had to clean up the problems with the cops, and getting Conscience out of the hospital. It all went pretty well, except that there’s family without a mother now.

The Hollow got cooler though, so there’s that. And Billy’s fetch is totally going to do exactly what he wants.

In The Streets - May 1973

So the Satellite Five had some shit to do.

They had to get some money from Eddiie Moss in the Eastbridge Projects. They had to kill Clarity’s Fetch. They had to find Liang Li.

They ambushed Eddie and got the cash.

They found out Eva Lopez may have killed a bunch of people.

They found out Jinsong is a heroin using gambling layabout and his sister(’s fetch) scares them.

Blythe's News - March 13, 1921

Every night, Blythe Hostewick gives Sarah the news. Here’s Sunday, March 13, 1921.

Six filthy Sinn Fein madmen were sent straight to hell by hanging at Mountjoy Prison. They say twenty thousand Catholics gathered outside the prison to pray for them. What fools.

Germany’s coup has provoked civil violence throughout that nation. 50 people were killed at Kiel, 20 more at Frankfort with over 500 injuries reported there. The consensus of Allied governments is that no government that doesn’t have the support of the legislature at Stuttgart will be recognized, despite overtures from the rebels promising payment on German reparation debts. 15,000 United States troops along with thousands of other Allied forces have returned to Germany but their role is questionable given the conflict.

The Bolshevik government has sent an ultimatum to Finland to prevent them from communicating with or supporting the rebels who have seized Kronstadt. Estimates of the dead in port cities and towns have reached 400, with over 5000 injured in the fighting. Russian refugees are streaming into Finnish territory.

Meat packing companies throughout the Midwest have hurriedly proposed an internal election system by which factories will be overseen by committees elected by workers with representatives of management also appointed to the board. This proposal is an attempt to stave off a strike that has loomed for over a year.

The state of New Jersey was given permission to file suit in the Supreme Court to fight the constitutional amendment authorizing Prohibition, as well as several Prohibitionary laws imposed by Congress. Rhode Island has already pursued a similar suit; the outcome of which remains uncertain.

Locally, the situation with respect to the re-pavement of city roads has finally resulted in a contract being approved by the Mayor and City Council. Over the next five years, almost a million dollars has been allocated to repair roads that have not been worked on since 1903, as well as improving the network of roads in the Hollow and near the Martin’s Bridge. It is not clear who will receive the lucrative contracts.

Two woman fugitives were caught by Kingsport police late this afternoon. It is thought they were accomplices to a bank robbery in Connecticut. Police would not confirm if they have accomplices, but many have noted their increased presence on the street.

Longshoremen working on the steamship cargo line are meeting today to decide if they wish to join the strike begun by the International Longshoreman’s Association in New York City. Groups in Savannah, Georgia and Boston are also considering the situation.

There’s a new Tom Mix picture out, “Never Again!” It’s an anti-alcohol drama in which Tom has too much to drink and shoots his friend Ned in a saloon.

Blythe's News - March 7, 1921

Every night, Content Not Found: blythe-hostewick_ gives _Content Not Found: the-one-that-handles-the-servants the news. Here’s Monday, March 7, 1921.

Entente troops poured back into Germany this morning. There was no resistance as they crossed the Rhine. The German commissioners in London left the country as the invasion began. It appears the issue of reparations has completely collapsed peace negotiation.

In Russia, the conflict between Bolsheviks and the communist faction that seized Petrograd took a dangerous turn, it seems the rebels have seized a battleship and are firing on the Red Army that’s laying siege to the city. Chaotic reports make it difficult to determine the truth of what’s happening there.

Meat packing executives announced that they would cut the wages of 200,000 workers by 12 percent, mostly in the Midwest. Although union officials promised to fight the cuts, executives are confident that due to the unemployment situation and the decline of demand following wartime contracts, they would prevail in any strike.

The State Legislature in Boston is taking up the matter of Prohibition enforcement in the state. The drys are supporting broad search and seizure powers. Others are looking for a more limited state role.

Sarah's letter
She sent it with a ghoul to Boston - March 5, 1921

Dearest Nicholas -

Warmest greetings from Kingsport. I hope you and yours are well and things in Boston are good. I am taking unexpected delight in managing the trials of Temperance.

Please give my love to my sister and tell her I hope to see her soon.

Forever faithful,



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