Normalcy - 1921



Between 1917 and 1918, four million American soldiers entered the Great War. Around three million of them were draftees. The Germans got a hundred thousand of them or so. Forty thousand more went down to influenza. Another ten thousand died more or less as loose change. So in the election of 1920, the United States of America decided it had enough of the world, didn’t want any more of it.

They preferred something else.

This is a Vampire: the Requiem game.

It is set in 1921 in the United States of America.

It’s named after what the United States wanted.

It is called:



The characters are members of the Last Estate, the last group of Invictus vampires surviving after a vicious 30-year purge at the hands of the Prince, a Lancea Sanctum fanatic/psychopath named Temperance.

Chapter 1 : Concrete

In February 1921, the group decided to get some elbow room. They pushed the Concrete Four, a rival coterie, into a corner and forced them to give up several Sites and resources, and to not squeeze their blood supply so much.

Chapter 2 : Wanton

Mysterious dreams led the Last Estate to aggressively pursue the disappearance of Giovanetta, the Toreador elder who had vanished in the summer of 1910.

Normalcy - 1921

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