Kingsport Timeline

Before the arrival of colonists, the area was used by the Wampanoag and Abenaki natives, though few remained in the bay area for long, as it was considered cursed.

1639 – Kingsport is founded. The first colonists disappeared mysteriously after being warned of dangers by a travelling band of Abenaki natives. The second set of colonists were more successful.

1685 – The Strange High House on the Hill is constructed by William Bain.

1692 – During the Massachusetts witch hysteria, 13 Kingsport residents are hanged or drowned.

December 21-22, 1722 – On the winter solstice, Kingsport citizens raid a “culte of wytches”. Almost 40 are jailed for graverobbing, unlawful assembly, and other crimes. Some die in custody. The disposition of many is not recorded.

1778 – British warships blockade Kingsport Harbor. Citizens haul cannon up the causeway to fire on them.

1824 – The Hall School is founded, an all-male college academy for the wealthy. It is the predecessor to Kingsport College.

1829 – The Kingsport Chronicle is founded.

1918 – The Pilot Island Lighthouse and Coast Guard station begins operation.


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