Congregational Hospital

One of the original Old Kingsport buildings, occupying the crest of Central Hill with other Old Congregational Church buildings. It’s a simple three-story square building with a basement, though it was renovated many times during its life. It reached its peak in the mid-1920s.

It was primarily expanded with money connected to influenza and sleeping sickness outbreaks, so was set up for quarantine in the 1940s when the US government needed to house some German POWs secretly, without the city finding out about it.

In the early 1940s…

Content Not Found: carol-o-malley was the head nurse.

Content Not Found: dr-beverly-choate was the chief resident.

Content Not Found: dr-walter-sanabrio was the medical director.

Content Not Found: dr-wilbert-miller was the chief of surgery.

In the 1960s, it still housed a free clinic and emergency room, but most of the hospital functions had been moved to Kingsport Metropolitan Hospital.

Congregational Hospital

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