America's Lacerations

In The Streets - May 1973

So the Satellite Five had some shit to do.

They had to get some money from Eddiie Moss in the Eastbridge Projects. They had to kill Clarity’s Fetch. They had to find Liang Li.

They ambushed Eddie and got the cash.

They found out Eva Lopez may have killed a bunch of people.

They found out Jinsong is a heroin using gambling layabout and his sister(’s fetch) scares them.

Blythe's News - March 13, 1921

Every night, Blythe Hostewick gives Sarah the news. Here’s Sunday, March 13, 1921.

Six filthy Sinn Fein madmen were sent straight to hell by hanging at Mountjoy Prison. They say twenty thousand Catholics gathered outside the prison to pray for them. What fools.

Germany’s coup has provoked civil violence throughout that nation. 50 people were killed at Kiel, 20 more at Frankfort with over 500 injuries reported there. The consensus of Allied governments is that no government that doesn’t have the support of the legislature at Stuttgart will be recognized, despite overtures from the rebels promising payment on German reparation debts. 15,000 United States troops along with thousands of other Allied forces have returned to Germany but their role is questionable given the conflict.

The Bolshevik government has sent an ultimatum to Finland to prevent them from communicating with or supporting the rebels who have seized Kronstadt. Estimates of the dead in port cities and towns have reached 400, with over 5000 injured in the fighting. Russian refugees are streaming into Finnish territory.

Meat packing companies throughout the Midwest have hurriedly proposed an internal election system by which factories will be overseen by committees elected by workers with representatives of management also appointed to the board. This proposal is an attempt to stave off a strike that has loomed for over a year.

The state of New Jersey was given permission to file suit in the Supreme Court to fight the constitutional amendment authorizing Prohibition, as well as several Prohibitionary laws imposed by Congress. Rhode Island has already pursued a similar suit; the outcome of which remains uncertain.

Locally, the situation with respect to the re-pavement of city roads has finally resulted in a contract being approved by the Mayor and City Council. Over the next five years, almost a million dollars has been allocated to repair roads that have not been worked on since 1903, as well as improving the network of roads in the Hollow and near the Martin’s Bridge. It is not clear who will receive the lucrative contracts.

Two woman fugitives were caught by Kingsport police late this afternoon. It is thought they were accomplices to a bank robbery in Connecticut. Police would not confirm if they have accomplices, but many have noted their increased presence on the street.

Longshoremen working on the steamship cargo line are meeting today to decide if they wish to join the strike begun by the International Longshoreman’s Association in New York City. Groups in Savannah, Georgia and Boston are also considering the situation.

There’s a new Tom Mix picture out, “Never Again!” It’s an anti-alcohol drama in which Tom has too much to drink and shoots his friend Ned in a saloon.

Blythe's News - March 7, 1921

Every night, Content Not Found: blythe-hostewick_ gives _Content Not Found: the-one-that-handles-the-servants the news. Here’s Monday, March 7, 1921.

Entente troops poured back into Germany this morning. There was no resistance as they crossed the Rhine. The German commissioners in London left the country as the invasion began. It appears the issue of reparations has completely collapsed peace negotiation.

In Russia, the conflict between Bolsheviks and the communist faction that seized Petrograd took a dangerous turn, it seems the rebels have seized a battleship and are firing on the Red Army that’s laying siege to the city. Chaotic reports make it difficult to determine the truth of what’s happening there.

Meat packing executives announced that they would cut the wages of 200,000 workers by 12 percent, mostly in the Midwest. Although union officials promised to fight the cuts, executives are confident that due to the unemployment situation and the decline of demand following wartime contracts, they would prevail in any strike.

The State Legislature in Boston is taking up the matter of Prohibition enforcement in the state. The drys are supporting broad search and seizure powers. Others are looking for a more limited state role.

Sarah's letter
She sent it with a ghoul to Boston - March 5, 1921

Dearest Nicholas -

Warmest greetings from Kingsport. I hope you and yours are well and things in Boston are good. I am taking unexpected delight in managing the trials of Temperance.

Please give my love to my sister and tell her I hope to see her soon.

Forever faithful,


Threat - June 11, 1963

They came back bloody, soaking wet with rain, having perhaps touched the face of an implacable, emotionless God, and this was on all the television channels.

God Is A Machine - June 11, 1963

The team was trapped in a strange place that seemed to extend through space and time. They battled two half-human creatures seeking to tear them apart for “parts”, encountered a room that seemed to breathe, filled with computer printouts and photographs of Central Corners. They encountered the Sergeant and a man who seemed to be in charge of the “experiment”. They killed the experimenter and damaged the Sergeant badly, before escaping as the area was flooded with what could have been seawater.

They met up with Florian Gersten, who claimed to be from the Thule Society, which had been taken over by Nazis during World War II. Apparently they now seek to undo the occult harm their society may have done, and he believed that U-228 had been on some mission for the Society late in the war, and what it uncovered had spread to Central Corners. He wasn’t aware of the connection to the Congregational Hospital.

Both Anna and Desi went on their respective dates despite stormy weather and injuries from the attacks.

The mysterious diner was gone – a waitress asked for a ride, and she confessed to murder at the Sheriff’s substation.

Mine Field - June 10-11, 1963

Tansy received instructions on where to call when she has the Chalice. The FBI also questioned her, mentioning “Amy Paige Hemstedt” in potential connection with her case.

The team visited Pilot Island and met with Marty Rondeau, a Navy officer assigned to the dismantling and sale of the USS Charles Greer. He knew a bit about the capture of U-228. His friend Justin Pope also recently saw a weird light in the sky while searching the sea for signs of the debris of the Thresher.

The team visited Dr. Choate. He was drunk at 11 AM and racist. But he revealed that German prisoners were treated at Congregational Hospital during World War II, and several of them seemed to have been experimented on, with some kind of machine parts implanted in their body. Yet there was no indication of how it was done – and one seemed to gain a significant new part in between X-rays.

The team returned to Central Corners to learn more about Maria and Clarence. He liked her, she didn’t care for him much. She moved back to Kingsport at some point.

They also went out to scout out the Army base, but after the car got a flat on a rail, they got out of the area quick. A flashlight in the trees was spotted.

Desi went bar hopping in an attempt to flush out Wallace. She did, and Florian Gersten was also spotted. Wallace was followed back to New Congregational Church.

The team returned to the army facility with some more preparation, but they were confronted by someone or something which was wearing an ill-fitting MP helmet and carrying a gun. When the ground under the small cemetery caved in, he forced everyone into the darkness.

Press 47 - June 9-10, 1963

FBI Agent Eldon Robletti contacted Anna looking for information on Tansy. Believes fake FBI agent was part of a confidence game. But also may be connected to organized crime figure who was spotted at Tansy’s house. Anna filled him in on the Man in the Fez.

A request for an aerial photographer was put in to check out Central Corners’ strange changing map.

The team examined Arcanum records in 1944: Lots of selkie reports (are they really drowned sailors?) And someone in the waiting room at Congregational Hospital experienced missing time. Investigation showed that the time was absolutely missing – no records of any tests or activities conducted during that time. Happened after midnight.

Dr. Niedermeyer identified the angry doctor in Anna’s drawing as Dr. Sanbabrio and the frightened one as Dr. Choate.

He also advised Desi on how to handle Wallace the stalker – have someone else distract or confront him, turn the tables and follow…learn more about him before you make any moves.

Wyatt told Penny he believes urban ley lines are possible and may be the reason why Central Corners is changing. If you look for signs of ritual magic you may be able to confirm this (sacrifices, symbols, etc.) The existence of the strange rails means there may be a technological basis, but the feeling in the diner and other buildings means there may be a spirit explanation.

Library research shows Central Corners population peaked in the 1940s and is now 4,100, down from 15,000.

The team took photos and notes for mapping purposes, got a full block and a half documented. A police officer approached them and when the lights started going out, he vomited a strange substance on them. The rails emanate a dry, electric heat. Penny was able to fight through the drugs but was able to recognize some of the effects, like not being affected by the earthquake, her belief that the buildings don’t move, and that she shouldn’t be outside between 12:30 and 1 AM. Policeman recovers, no memory of movement.

Ray was able to get the ghost manning press 47 to print off what it wanted to say. A family tree, multiple times, corny love poems, a handwritten note about Maria, that he wants her to know he misses her. The ghost also said everything they thought was wrong “It changes every night, it comes from under the earth”. The ghost’s name was Clarence Harding and he was a union man.

Anna did some automatic writing starting with faces behind bars, then drawing upwards two branches.

Dr. Niedermeyer took the blood and vomit samples and will analyze them. Vomit is not consistent with ulcerous blood. May be a hallucinogenic?

12:41 AM - June 8-9, 1963

Penny worked on a fake Guruwaki Chalice.

Desi, Ray and Tansy went to the Free Library to research U-Boats. They found that there were many U-Boats sunk in New England in the early part of World War II, but one standing out as being captured and very nearby was U-228, captured by the U.S.S. Charles R. Greer, a destroyer escort. They got a crew list, and determined there was no fighting (no one got the Purple Heart) but there were a few Navy Engineer Ribbons handed out.

They were able to find that there were 4 veterans still alive, notably George Engstrom, the Operations Officer of the ship.

Ray, Tansy and Penny went to Central Corners, where there was an unofficial road closure to try to misdirect people? When they got there they spotted a dog that wasn’t a dog, and the buildings began to change locations like a giant sliding puzzle. They were stopped by the night watchman but not before they found a ghost who was talking in numbers like the ones around the Congregational Hospital.

The next day they met up with Jimmy Wasserman, president of Central Corners Publishing, and talked to him about their theory about the ghost and how to get him to move on.

A man named Florian Gersten confronted Ray and he intimidated him.

Ferry - June 7-8, 1963

The characters recruited Content Not Found: dennis-threadgill to help them get some heroin to put into a fake Guruwaki Chalice to set up the man with the fez.

Ray and Anna went to a blues club in Martin’s Beach. There, Ray came across a pair of ghosts, and saw a mysterious light in the Strange High House On The Hill, which does not exist anymore.

Tansy woke up in the forest, seeing the Lighthouse burn. She was arrested by FBI Special Agent Dobson and taken to the police station and interrogated. The FBI agent and his car both disappeared once they were determined to be very elaborate frauds. When the car disappeared, it caused damage to a police officer and perpetrator in the parking lot.

Tansy was released when they came up with a crazy story, and the police were embarassed anyway.

Ray was able to use the confusion to pull some old information that the car watching Tansy’s place was registered to Frank O’Gorman, who hangs out at the 14th Street Market.

Tansy’s animals said she was going to act really weird.

Desi got solid information about vampire hunters who operated in the 1920s.

The Thresher search crews are meeting up out at Pilot Island’s Coast Guard station.


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