The One That Handles The Servants


Masquerade: Aristocrat

Communists are right about how the world works, with certain people in charge, but they’re wrong that just reorganizing who has technical control of the money or the factories will change this. The natural order has placed me at the top, and this vests me with sincere responsibility to care for and protect those weaker or less fortunate than me, at least the ones within my personal ambit. In return I expect their honest labor and complete loyalty. To the powerful I am a peer, but the weak need not fear me – offer their loyal service and I will reward them justly.

Requiem: Tyrant

No matter how fair I seem outwardly, inside, I’m the monster in the castle. I try to rein it in with notions of “justice” and “fairness” but in the end I’m an arbitrary tyrant of monstrous, unspoken needs, and I will bend “fairness” and shatter “justice” to get what I petulantly and childishly want. Do something wrong and whether I smilingly correct you or snappishly rebuke you, I will never forget the smallest slight or tiniest failure and in the end I will replace you and destroy you. Maybe not even in that order.


1. Return the city to the rightful control of the Invictus.
2. Sire a worthy childe.
3. Cultivate a Herd.
4. Influence the fashion community.
5. Make contact with mortal descendants.


1. Fashion/Society Rival
2. Bartender
3. Society friend
4. Mother figure (widowed due to Barnett’s manipulations)
5. Social activist/apprentice


1836: Born in Pepperell, Massachusetts, a small coastal town south of Kingsport. Her father runs the shipyard that has made him a fortune and will continue to be the primary industry of Pepperell for many years.

1863-1864: Sarah’s father is disabled by drink, her elder brothers are brutes or fops, her mother is a hysteric, so she is forced to step up and run the shipyard past worker troubles, accidents, and draft riots to produce an ironclad ship for the Union Navy by deadline. At the height of her effectiveness, she is promptly Embraced by Invictus Daeva Nicholas, one of a long bloodline of Grooms. (Nicholas currently is in Fasutino’s court in Boston.)


A shipbuilder’s daughter turned Invictus aristocrat.

You know how it is.

You decide one day you need to run a territory and you make the mistake of doing it yourself and suddenly every sundown everyone’s crowding around you with their hand out.

And you don’t make that mistake twice.

(Or maybe you do, mistakes are like that.)

(I don’t mean you personally of course my lord.)

So as the other Invictus in the town were killed or run out, they left behind a host of retainers and servants that had to be taken care of.

Here at court we got a number of them. It was a real fire sale and the Invictus of Boston snapped up quite a few.

But there were quite a few that moved over to being managed by the one that handles the servants.

It’s kind of their thing now even if it didn’t start out being.

This one’s a Daeva, from a long, long line of Invictus Grooms, servants themselves. Maybe this is the one that won’t be. Maybe this is the one that will go further.

(But probably not, if you are born to be stepped on you are going to get stepped on.)


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