A powerful Toreador, missing since 1910


Aren’t that many Toreador in the world.

Yeah yeah, they say that makes them better than everyone else.

Well, they aren’t Ventrue, are they? Ha ha! That’s a joke. (They pretty much are.)

Except they have the Daeva’s passion, along with the Ventrue’s power.

I won’t pretend I don’t envy that some nights.



You remember her. Yeah.

Well, I wouldn’t call her a bitch, my lord.

But yes. She didn’t quite fit in here.

It seems she found beauty in many places in America despite her initial protests.

(Emiliana seemed to keep her head on straight a bit too.)

(A nice thing for a childe to do.)

(No, I’m not implying anything about you and I.)

She declared herself in Kingsport and treated Hubert like a real Prince instead of a third-rate pikeman hiding in a trench from Circle of Crone grenadiers.

So what more would we want from her? She did things the proper way. Even asked permission to Embrace Gilda. Got it.

And then in 1910, she disappeared.

They said that Temperance and her Sheriff, the Carthian Kincaid wanted to “ask her some questions”.

So probably she was murdered.

But we don’t know that for sure.

And we probably will never know it.



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