Just drinking is good enough for some places.

Now that it’s illegal, just drinking is better than a lot of places.

But sometimes there’s more than that – dancing girls, a cabaret, maybe a comedian, maybe a cooch show or maybe something higher class, a string quartet, a learned lecture, a poetic reading, a costumed tableaux.

We’ve always been patrons of the arts…even got a whole faction called the Cherubim, who were big wheels in Kingsport not so long ago.

(That’s how come there’s a whole artist’s colony along the waterfront and even though our friends aren’t supposed to hunt outside of their tiny little turf, they do all right.)

And there’s more to entertainment than performance – there’s gambling, there’s running the numbers, all very lucrative.

Emiliana is a Toreador – yeah, for real – one of those Daeva offshoots.

She shares a sire with Content Not Found: the-one-that-handles-the-customers – the missing one.

We have high expectations for her, of course.

But she’s up for it. Definitely.


1809 – Emiliana is born in Rome, her father one of Napoleon’s occupying soldiers and her mother a married noblewoman.
1830 – Emiliana performs in Auber’s La muette de Portici in Brussels – the performance sparks riots leading to Belgium’s revolution and independence. Content Not Found: giovanetta, a Toreador, is enraptured and Embraces her in the chaos.
1834 – Unable to hide Emiliana any longer, Giovanetta and her charge make the dangerous Atlantic crossing to the United States.



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