Mysterious Library Presence


A vampire cursed to haunt the Free Library by crippling agoraphobia. She turns her powers to control of the sprawling structure throughout the 1950s-60s.


Born: 1873
Embraced: 1928

In early 1960s: a spy for Content Not Found: luciano and the Ordo Dracul, though she is not a member yet.

In the late 1920s, she was Embraced, the action so traumatic that it triggered a nesting impulse. In the Free Library she found a location that she could make her own. At the time, the Free Library was seen primarily as a poor person’s place – the real war was in the speakeasies and the streets.

By the 1940s, her agoraphobia had faded and she found herself in possession of an asset that wasn’t significantly valued, yet. A few years later, the War Department carelessly donated reams of records to the Free Library and she determined that elders awakening from torpor might need what she undoubtedly had.

Temperance made the mistake of pushing Astra too hard, and made an enemy of her at the height of her power. Luciano and the other Ordo Dracul have been recruiting her, and really, the nature of the order appeals to her.


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