Concrete Four courtier in the 1920s


This third-rate masher and his pals were given domain over the Artist’s Colony by Temperance, which means that technically when our friends go a stone’s throw from O’Bannon and keep walking, they’re on his territory. The scary part is, he knows he doesn’t actually control it, and our friends know he doesn’t either. This means he’s got to unseat them before Temperance finds out he’s flopped. It’s a bad situation.

He’s a member of the Concrete Four – actually the least member of them, by far. They back him up more than he backs them up.

This guy is a serious follower of Temperance – the service every Sunday, he’s there, always bringing some new artwork to her that he says he inspired. He’d make a great lapdog if he weren’t on the wrong lap and didn’t piss himself so much.



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