America's Lacerations

Summer 1921

What The Last Estate Did On Their Summer Vacation

In April 1921 they killed two out of town gangsters for the Shaughnessys, but one escaped. This caused a boost in their booze prices, until they could end the war between Milo Cutler and the Shaughnessy’s. When the war ended, Cutler started working for his bosses in the Concrete Four again, and developed criminal influence in Martin’s Beach.

In May, new hunters came to town – rebel ghouls. “We’d never permit this in England, Miss!” – Blythe Hostewick. They supported Margaret over Dr. Choate in their conflict over the upcoming blood bank.

In June, they formed an alliance with Pell’s Shadows. The Barbed Hook was weakened and angered by this. Gilda had to move Ming Lien to another identity. She has to work as a laundress in the Griswold.

On July 4, the Attorney General of the United States attended a sex party, Madeleine and Marion Fairbanks.

In August, a young, ambitious Invictus was sent as a punishment/distraction to Kingsport from St. Petersburg. He began to operate the properties outside town. He was killed by someone with pull who knew that Invictus were fair game. Myshelov Karl Fyodorovich is the dead guy.


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