America's Lacerations

Blythe's News - September 18, 1921

Here’s Sunday, September 18, 1921:

Belfast continues to suffer from riots, but increased English military presence is pacifying the situation.

The American Federation of Labor, the primary white labor union for railroad workers, accused the railroad companies of forcing their hand in calling for a strike.

Minta Durfee, Fatty Arbuckle’s estranged wife, arrived in Los Angeles today and announced she would stand by her husband. Although they had not been together in some time, she said his character was such that he could never intentionally cause another’s death.

Locally, the primary elections take place on Tuesday.

Three motor bandits blew open the railroad station safe at the Maine-Atlantic station north of the city, and made off with $300 in cash and silver.


JDCorley JDCorley

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