America's Lacerations

Blythe's News - March 7, 1921

Every night, Content Not Found: blythe-hostewick_ gives _Content Not Found: the-one-that-handles-the-servants the news. Here’s Monday, March 7, 1921.

Entente troops poured back into Germany this morning. There was no resistance as they crossed the Rhine. The German commissioners in London left the country as the invasion began. It appears the issue of reparations has completely collapsed peace negotiation.

In Russia, the conflict between Bolsheviks and the communist faction that seized Petrograd took a dangerous turn, it seems the rebels have seized a battleship and are firing on the Red Army that’s laying siege to the city. Chaotic reports make it difficult to determine the truth of what’s happening there.

Meat packing executives announced that they would cut the wages of 200,000 workers by 12 percent, mostly in the Midwest. Although union officials promised to fight the cuts, executives are confident that due to the unemployment situation and the decline of demand following wartime contracts, they would prevail in any strike.

The State Legislature in Boston is taking up the matter of Prohibition enforcement in the state. The drys are supporting broad search and seizure powers. Others are looking for a more limited state role.


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