America's Lacerations

Blythe's News - March 13, 1921

Every night, Blythe Hostewick gives Sarah the news. Here’s Sunday, March 13, 1921.

Six filthy Sinn Fein madmen were sent straight to hell by hanging at Mountjoy Prison. They say twenty thousand Catholics gathered outside the prison to pray for them. What fools.

Germany’s coup has provoked civil violence throughout that nation. 50 people were killed at Kiel, 20 more at Frankfort with over 500 injuries reported there. The consensus of Allied governments is that no government that doesn’t have the support of the legislature at Stuttgart will be recognized, despite overtures from the rebels promising payment on German reparation debts. 15,000 United States troops along with thousands of other Allied forces have returned to Germany but their role is questionable given the conflict.

The Bolshevik government has sent an ultimatum to Finland to prevent them from communicating with or supporting the rebels who have seized Kronstadt. Estimates of the dead in port cities and towns have reached 400, with over 5000 injured in the fighting. Russian refugees are streaming into Finnish territory.

Meat packing companies throughout the Midwest have hurriedly proposed an internal election system by which factories will be overseen by committees elected by workers with representatives of management also appointed to the board. This proposal is an attempt to stave off a strike that has loomed for over a year.

The state of New Jersey was given permission to file suit in the Supreme Court to fight the constitutional amendment authorizing Prohibition, as well as several Prohibitionary laws imposed by Congress. Rhode Island has already pursued a similar suit; the outcome of which remains uncertain.

Locally, the situation with respect to the re-pavement of city roads has finally resulted in a contract being approved by the Mayor and City Council. Over the next five years, almost a million dollars has been allocated to repair roads that have not been worked on since 1903, as well as improving the network of roads in the Hollow and near the Martin’s Bridge. It is not clear who will receive the lucrative contracts.

Two woman fugitives were caught by Kingsport police late this afternoon. It is thought they were accomplices to a bank robbery in Connecticut. Police would not confirm if they have accomplices, but many have noted their increased presence on the street.

Longshoremen working on the steamship cargo line are meeting today to decide if they wish to join the strike begun by the International Longshoreman’s Association in New York City. Groups in Savannah, Georgia and Boston are also considering the situation.

There’s a new Tom Mix picture out, “Never Again!” It’s an anti-alcohol drama in which Tom has too much to drink and shoots his friend Ned in a saloon.


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